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Cooking Pot Scrub Brush

After the holiday meal is over, songs have been sung, and games have been played, it’s time to do the dishes. Make the job easier and get your hands deep into your post-meal cleanup work with our scrubbing brush. The rounded top of the beechwood handle provides a secure and comfortable grip for your hand in almost any position or depth, and the tough, flexible bristles, made from a mix of poly and natural fibers, work to loosen cooked-on food without harming your cookware. The compact, convex shape lets you reach places you can’t ordinarily get to with a long-handled brush, and at 3” H x 2 ½” W, the size of our scrubbing brush makes it feel like a natural extension of your hand. You’ll likely want to keep a few spares on hand in the kitchen, bathroom, or even your shop for scrubbing down surfaces after a particularly messy job. Made in Germany.


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  • Cooking Pot Scrub Brush


    Cooking Pot Scrub Brush

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