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Craft Knife

Listed are the individual items that make up the Specialist Tool Kits for Modellers.

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Essential Tool Kit Advanced Tool Kit
Plank Bender Keel/Hull Clamp Support
5" Needle Nose Pliers Small Archimedes Hand Drill
Brad Pusher Two #80 (.014") Drill Bits
Craft Knife Two #70 (.028") Drill Bits
5 Replacement Short Bevel Blades Two #65 (.035") Drill Bits
5 Replacement Long Bevel Blades Two #56 (.047") Drill Bits
5 Replacement Double Bevel Blades Two #55 (.055") Drill Bits
Jewelers Hammer Mini Chisel/Pry Bar Set
5 Small Special Clamps 4-1/2" Diagonal Cutting Pliers
5 Large Special Clamps 3" Mini Table Vise
Six Tweezers Set Double Helping Hands

Individual Items

  • Craft Knife


    Craft Knife

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