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Crookes Radiometer

The Crookes Radiometer is a classic piece of vintage science equipment and a fun, visual learning tool. It also happens to be a beautiful decorative piece, and adds a touch of elegance to any setting. Its basic form is a glass bulb with a base; inside the bulb is a frictionless vertical shaft with four delicate diamond-shaped vanes, each with a dark side and a light side. When light shines on the vanes they move, turning the shaft (some versions can spin up to 1000 revolutions a minute). The cause of this action was initially misunderstood by its inventor, Sir William Crookes, but research determined that the partial vacuum within the device reduces friction while allowing enough gas particles that, when the light warms the dark side of the vanes, the resulting motion of the particles pushes against the dark surfaces to turn them. Dimensions: 2 ¾” W base x 6 ½” H.

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  • Crookes Radiometer


    Crookes Radiometer


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