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3 Gorgeous Damascus Knives

Experience the Power and Beauty of the Damascus Knife Set

This knife set from Garrett Wade features three super-sharp, extra-tough, and beautiful blades — the types of blades you’ve been missing in your workshop for far too long.

Damascus blades have traditionally been made using a hand-forging process that is age-old. This process involves folding and then refolding red-hot iron and high-carbon steel layers to create gorgeous and durable blades. We have combined this process with contemporary techniques to achieve our three blades’ impressive contours and stunning layers.

The three distinct blades in our Damascus Knife Set are easy to carry in a bag or pocket. Get ready to experience the high-level cutting capability you need without the unwanted bulk when you choose this set.

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  • Three Gorgeous Damascus Knife


    3 Gorgeous Damascus Knives

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