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Demolition Utility Adze

Building is a deeply satisfying pursuit, but there’s real pleasure to be had in demolition as well. When it’s time to take something apart, you’ll want to have one of our Demolition Adzes in your hand. It excels at prying up floorboards, digging in between material sections, nail removal, chopping, hammering, etc. It’s a rugged work tool, and the toon wood (redcedar) handle and #45 carbon steel head will stand up to the toughest jobs. Features a nail pull and wide curved blade on the prying end, and a square, perforated hammer face on the other end. Measuring 15 ¾” L overall, with a 3 ¼” L x 1 ¾” W prying end, the adze weighs in at 1 ¾ lbs.--light enough to be agile but will add heft to your swing. It’s sized just right to keep handy in your shop or truck for all kinds of situations

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  • Demolition Utility Adze


    Demolition Utility Adze

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