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Document Fasteners

Eyelets Sold Separately

This is one of the most perfect tools we have seen in a long time. It first punches and then rivets stacks of paper (or cardboard, leather, plastic, etc.) together. The hollow brass-plated steel eyelet/rivet can be set as much as 1/2" in from the edge, and the stack can be as thick as 1/8". (This is 25 sheets of heavy office stationery - much more if the paper is thinner.) Simply slip one of the eyelets over the interior anvil, insert the paper stack (prepunched, using the punch side of the tool), and squeeze. The eyelet is then bent over all around to secure the stack. It is very secure, attractive and very quick. This is a neat tool for busy people who like their files tidy.

No eyelets are included you'll need to buy a packs of 250 eyelets available here.



25S07.02.GP Document Fastener

Individual Items

  • Document fastener - easy use


    Document Fasteners

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