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Double-Ended Nail Puller

Simplify the Art and Science of Removing Nails with Our Nail Puller Bar

Our nail puller at Garrett Wade is more powerful than it looks, so don’t be fooled by its size. Although this tool is under one foot long, you can rely on it to get your demolition, framing, or flooring job done every time. You can even rely on it for driving nails by using the surface that is opposite of the tool’s pulling claws.

The nail puller bar is perfect for both enthusiastic construction amateurs and professionals. With its long-lasting, durable steel, this addition to your toolbox will come in handy for years to come.

Why Order Tools from Garrett Wade?

At Garrett Wade, we take pride in offering woodworking tools featuring time-tested designs and quality construction. When you invest in our tools today, you can enjoy using them over and over again in the coming years. And you can expect to pass them on for generations to come.

Shop now to purchase our one-of-a-kind nail puller bar or our other leading American-made tools, and feel free to call our customer service team at (800) 221-2942 if you have any questions before you buy!

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  • Double-Ended Nail Puller


    Double-Ended Nail Puller

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