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Dozuki Piercing Saw

Japanese saws have really taken hold in our part of the world over the last generation or so—even in shops largely stocked with traditional “Western” tools, it’s not unusual to see a dozuki saw hanging within easy reach of the bench. This Piercing Saw is a unique take on the classic dozuki: the unusual “woodpecker” tooth at the tip of the blade is used to score a line before using the saw to cut panels or veneers, but it also actually allows you to start a cut in the middle of a panel. The removable and replaceable 18tpi blade is only .3mm thick; the steel spine secures the blade and provides extra support during cuts in thin material where a steady hand is paramount. Made in Japan, this is a fantastic tool for furniture restoration, cutting intricate joinery, and so much more, and it’s a great value for the price. Features a rattan-wrapped handle for long-lasting comfort. The length of the blade is 6". 

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  • Dozuki Piercing Saw


    Dozuki Piercing Saw

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