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Eco-Friendly Non-kinking, 82’ Garden Hose

This astonishing new hose is created from five layers of 75% recycled materials, using a process where PVC is extracted from old garden hoses and reused as a completely new element. But the fact that this is an environmentally responsible garden hose is only the start. The five-layer construction is engineered to be anti-torsion, anti-kink, and non-deformable, with a memory system that means the hose will always spring back to its original shape. It’s almost impossible to stop the flow of water while in use. The soft-touch texture feels great in the hand, and the 8 bar/116 psi rating provides plenty of power. Cadmium-, barium-, and lead-free, the hose has anti-UV properties and is operable in weather down to -15 degrees. The 82’ long 5/8” hose comes in an eye-catching fuchsia and includes a free 3-position watering nozzle and quick connectors.

Materials: Recycled PVC

Dimensions: 82’ long 5/8” hose

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  • Eco-Friendly Non-kinking, 82’ Garden Hose


    Eco-Friendly Non-kinking, 82’ Garden Hose

Subtotal: $87.00
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