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Ergonomic Italian Pruners

These Ergonomic Italian Pruners are thoughtfully designed for comfort and ease of use even after a long day of tree work. The bright red handles and counter blade are made of hot forged aluminum alloy for lighter weight, making them an excellent choice for a wide range of physical abilities. The main cutting blade is crafted from hot forged high carbon steel for a long lasting, very sharp edge. The curved stop of the pruners acts to stabilize the branch while cutting, giving you greater accuracy. The recessed design of the blade helps to increase cutting penetration into the branch, thereby decreasing strain on your hands. They are beautifully made and very comfortable in use, whether you’re right or left handed. Dimensions: 8¼” long with 2” blades and a cutting capacity of up to 1⅛” thick. Made in Italy by a company that has been producing superior agricultural tools for European gardeners for decades.

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  • Ergonomic Italian Pruners


    Ergonomic Italian Pruners

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