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Essential Pliers Set

Two essential tools for any home. Don’t be fooled by the low price – these are excellent tools. We’ve seen other companies charge 2X as much for tools this well made.

Our set includes a 8½" Combination Pliers & a 6½" Needle Nose Pliers. The Combination pliers have a very strong grip when grabbing electric wire, nuts or bolts. There is a deep, well-shaped half-moon in the central groove, and a cutter and stripper. The crimp function easily grips and mashes down terminals onto wire. Flat sides double as an “hammer” for small nailing chores. Excellent for cutting copper and aluminum wire.

The 6½" Needle Nose Pliers with a long 3" head, are great for reaching into smaller areas, like those hard to reach parts of outlet boxes. These are excellent for bending the ends of copper wires for switches and outlets and also have slots for various terminals and connections.

Tackle all your DIY home electric repairs with this pair & save big!

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  • Combination Pliers

  • Needle Nose Pliers 1

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