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Everyday Go-To Pruners

high quality - exceptional price

This 8" Forged-Steel Bypass pruner features; thick forged-steel blades with a 1¼" maximum cutting capacity, and a comfortable grip over aluminum handles. An adjustable gear mechanism, typically only seen on pruners many times the price, ensures consistent tight-fitting tension on the bypass blades. The bottom of the blade has a wire cutting notch. A safety toggle keeps the tool closed when not in use.

As our house special, we’ve made sure these pruners cut and feel as good as any expensive boutique model. They’ll quickly become your go-to set.

Individual Items

  • Everyday Go-To Pruners

    11G13.26  - Available 04/06/2023

    Everyday Go-To Pruners

    $22.50 $15.95
Subtotal: $22.50 $15.95

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