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Exceptionally Flexible Workbench Vise


Most bench vises have two parallel faces. Our Universal Bench Vise does that, of course (and does it well), but its genius is that it is expressly made for clamping non-parallel objects and irregular shapes. It has a 5½" jaw opening capacity, and both rubber-lined wood jaws pivot 360˚ along the horizontal, which means you can also face them outward to use them as a spreader. (The wood Jaws can be removed and modified to suit any project.) Mounts securely to any work surface up to 6" thick. The jaws ride on dual 3/8" x 2" flat steel guide ways and are adjusted by hand with a hardened Acme screw. Weight 26lbs

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  • Exceptionally Flexible Workbench Vise


    Exceptionally Flexible Workbench Vise

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