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Extra-Bright Brass Oil Lamps

Bright enough to read by

These Brass Oil Lamps are both 4" wide, but the Small Lamp is only 9" high, whereas the Large Lamp is 13". The fuel reservoir of the large lamp is larger as well, at two times the capacity of the small. What makes these particular lamps exceptional is their tall, narrow glass chimney, along with the special design of the wick and its unique elevation mechanism. The result is a much bigger flame that can actually extend smoke-free all the way up the chimney, if desired, producing a surprising amount of light.

We are delighted by them because, although a modern design, they have the inherent charm of a 19th Century lamp but throw a lot more light. The solid Copper Filling Funnel is a helpful addition when adding fuel. Both will burn either standard lamp oil or kerosene (easily available locally).

To refill, firmly hold the burner of the oil lamp with one hand while turning the base clockwise until the burner can be removed, then fill the font (base) with fuel. Reattach the burner once the lamp has been filled.

Small Extra-Bright Lamp Large Extra-Bright Lamp
Overall Height: 9"  Overall height: 13"
Max Width: 4"  Max Width: 4"
Glass Height: 5 1/8" Glass Height: 7 3/4"
Glass Width (Top): 7/8" Glass Width (Top): 1"

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