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Falling Leaves Rake Set

We have taken two of our best selling rakes and made another dynamic duo. Perfect for fall clean up.

Our collapsible rake is made of steel, this beauty reaches as far out as 5 ft. or as near as 3 ft. With 15 springy steel tines that can be compressed as close as 7" or spread to cover as much as 22". A simple twist-lock governs how long the handle is and a locking lever how wide the tines are spread. Superb for rapidly raking large lawns or other surfaces of loose debris.

Our hand rake at its shortest length, measures 3½" across and is 16" long; at its largest, the rake is 12" across and it's 24" long; it's adjustable to any length in between. The tines are a generous 5/8" wide; 12" overall length.

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  • Falling Leaves Rake Set


    Falling Leaves Rake Set

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