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Firelight- Box of 50 (refill)

These UK made firestarters are coiled clumps of wood shavings that have been impregnated with wax. Their loose structure allows for greater airflow, and the wax extends burning time and flame intensity. Reach for one of these next time instead of searching for old newspapers; just assemble your kindling or charcoal with the firestarter in the center--it lights quickly and burns steadily for over 10 minutes; ample time to get your fire blazing away.

Each box containing 50 coils in various sizes, it’s an affordable and reliable way to make sure you can get things burning every time. This page is a box of 50 replacement firestarters. If you're looking for the complete set including the storage bucket, click here

Individual Items

  • Firelight-  Box of 50 (refill)

    70B04.03  - Available 09/22/2023

    Firelight- Box of 50 (refill)

Subtotal: $18.00

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