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Fireside Gift Set

This handy pine box of 40 fire starters will warm your home’s hearth or that of someone on your holiday shopping list this year. Very useful all winter long, keep some of these in your cabin, the country house, or out by the firepit.

The fire starters are small bundles of wax-impregnated wooden sticks, measuring 3“ long, with a candle wick embedded in each end. They are very simple to use: just place a fire starter into your kindling setup (note that the fire starter can be used by itself without needing additional kindling and light. They catch very quickly and will burn with great intensity for over 15 minutes, generally ample time for your fire to get a steady blaze going. Comes in a handsome Garrett Wade-branded wooden box with a lid, with two inner boxes containing 20 bundles each (40 total). Also included are our own branded wooden matches to start you off. Refill fire starter bundles are available.

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  • Fireside Gift Set


    Fireside Gift Set


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