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Flat-Bottomed Terracotta Wall Pot

Elevate your plantings by hanging them from a wall or post with our Long Terracotta Wall Pot, crafted in England by a well-known maker of traditional stoneware. The tapered shape is known as a "long tom", and allows for deeper root growth. It looks great at any height. Hang several on a wall for a vertical garden and experiment with patterns. Terracotta is porous and allows moisture to gradually seep into the soil as it dries, giving your plants the moisture they need as they require it. A drainage hole is located at the bottom of the pot to prevent excess damp or mold, as well as a hole in the side for hanging. Measures 8¼" high and 6½" in diameter at the opening. Available in very limited supplies, so get them before they're gone.

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  • Long Terracotta Wall Pot


    Flat-Bottomed Terracotta Wall Pot

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