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Flexible Oversized Natural Rubber Bucket

This is a massive, completely plastic free, frost- and freeze-proof rubber bucket. It has become our favorite for holding and transporting yard waste, debris, pretty much anything liquid or solid. It is an impressive 30-liter volume (about 8 gallons). Constructed entirely from ultra-thick, heavy-duty natural rubber, it bends and flexes to accommodate the bulkiest of loads, and its beefy rubber handles make hauling, pouring, and even hanging a cinch. Its one-piece rubber construction makes cleanup simple, and it’s impervious to damage from frost or drops (and very difficult to puncture). Measures 19 ½” across and 10 ½” high.


Individual Items

  • Flexible Oversized Natural Rubber Bucket

    19A08.02  - Available 03/03/2024

    Flexible Oversized Natural Rubber Bucket


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