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Foldable Sewing Scissor

Includes a fitted leather case

Our French made Folding Scissors are elegant and useful tools. It is exceptionally rare to find them anymore because it takes so much care and experience to make them well. Think about how they are folded and unfolded countless times and must maintaining their precision each time.

While we have seen them in Asia, none of them were really any good. It now appears that there is only one European source for these left: a small, personal workshop of a very experienced master cutler in Nogent, France. It is he who makes these for us.

They are simply beautiful, work smoothly, and fold right up to go in the leather case. We love these, and hope that the maker continues to produce for years.

Click Here to Download a PDF formatted informational / instructional sheet.

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  • Foldable Sewing Scissor


    Foldable Sewing Scissor

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