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Forged Iron Flat Hook

By its nature, a lot of handmade iron hardware tends to evoke historical design traditions—it’s an old-school material, after all, with deep roots in traditional craft practices. We love this Forged Iron Flat hook because, while it keeps one foot firmly planted in the historical look and feel of its forebears, it also feels right at home in a sleeker, more modern design scheme. The lower J-hook portion is simple enough, with a slightly wider and flatter back to accommodate two mounting holes; the flat, straight upper hook tapers slightly as it angles outward to create the flat 45-degree upper hook that we think looks fantastic. It’s a great hat-and-coat combo hook, either on its own or in a set near the entryway or in the mud room. Each hook measures 4 ¾” tall and extends 1 ¾” from the wall. Simple and unique.

We carry a set of 8 #8 Phillips head screws (sold separately) that are designed to mount this item.

Individual Items

  • Forged Iron Flat Hook

    89A05.14  - Available 10/17/2023

    Forged Iron Flat Hook

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