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Forged Iron Folding Hanger

Large and especially versatile, this 10-hook accordion-style Folding Hanger can expand and contract to cover a wide range of wall space, allowing you the freedom to hang larger items, cover a custom span, or hit your studs for an exceptionally sturdy mount.  Ideal for holding the family’s coats and hats or a full set of pots and pans, it’s as well-built and flexible a mounting system as you’re likely to find, and we think it looks just fantastic.  Fully closed, the unit is 16” tall and just 3” wide, making it a breeze to store and move.  It unfolds to a wide range of useable configurations; after experimenting with it in the office a bit, we feel like its maximum useful width is right around 36”, although it will stretch a bit further—the top and bottom hooks just get a bit too close beyond that point.  Each hook is 3 ½” long, and the unit mounts to the wall in four locations.  We recommend going right into the studs or using very sturdy drywall anchors.

We carry a set of 8 #8 Phillips head screws (sold separately) that are designed to mount this item.

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  • Forged Iron Folding Hanger


    Forged Iron Folding Hanger

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