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Forged Iron Single Knob

We'll put it plainly: this is a hand-forged iron knob. You can hang things on it. Pure and simple!

Coats and hats are the obvious choice, of course, but it's also a great place to rest a favorite pair of headphones, a cozy bath towel, an heirloom cane- anything at all. It's not fussy or fancy; it's got one job to do, and it does it well, and it'll last more or less forever. (Someone with the right design sensibility could also turn it into a pretty striking cabinet pull.) The 2-3/4" plate attaches via two holes and extends 1-3/4" from the wall.

Individual Items

  • Forged Iron Single Knob - protrudes 1.75 in. from wall


    Forged Iron Single Knob

    $8.50 $6.95

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