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French Fireplace Bellows

A good fireplace bellows is an ancient fire-assist tool that does the job well. These timeless hardwood bellows will add a touch of elegant simplicity to your home or cabin. They are also a lot easier to use than getting down on your hands and knees and blowing on the fire yourself!

Our French hardwood bellow model is fitted with a  4-1/2" tin nose and has a gorgeous decorative pattern of concentric circles carved into the Beech surface. 17-1/2" total length. A double thong closer holds the handle closed and serves as a hanging strap. Keep your bellows supple by treating the leather parts with oil or saddle soap once a year.

On a recent scouting trip to France, we were so inspired while watching one of our artisans make these beech fireplace bellows, we decided to challenge ourselves and our customers by selling the French Bellows also as a Kit (26F01.09). The Kit comes with everything you need to build your own, with pre-cut leather pieces, beech boards, and enough brass tacks to hold it all together.

A beautifully crafted tool made in France.

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  • French Fireplace Bellows


    French Fireplace Bellows

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