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French Fry Cutter

A high-quality kitchen implement designed to do one thing and do it very well: cut French fries. The stainless-steel construction and satisfying manual action produce consistent results that will make this a tool you’ll be using for years to come whenever the urge for a perfect French fry strikes you. (Cooking tip: for the crispiest fries, use the double fry method– once low and slow to cook the interior, and a second, high heat round to blast the outside to blistering perfection.) Very solid and sturdy, it features a suction cup on its base for added security while using. Two blade templates are included, one for thicker steak and one for thinner shoestring, that will turn your potatoes into perfect spears of spuds suitable for frying in hot air or oil (or baking). Measures 10 ¼” L x 3 ½” W x 5” H.


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  • French Fry Cutter


    French Fry Cutter

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