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Set Of 12 Birds & Trees -Themed Color Artist Pencils

These charming and unique wooden pencils will delight artists young and old. When arranged in order, the 12 square-cut pencils show an array of vintage bird paintings on one side, while the reverse shows various trees, with names in Latin and English. The 12 artist pencils come in: black, purple, bright yellow, soft yellow, red, pink, orange, light blue, dark blue, light green, dark green, & brown. If you find yourself looking for inspiration you can always mix up the pencils and rearrange them in creative ways. You’ll want to pass out several sets; they make fun gifts! Made in France.

Product Specs/Dimensions

Overall Length 7"

Individual Items

  • French Made Set of 12 Color Puzzle Pencils


    Set Of 12 Birds & Trees -Themed Color Artist Pencils

Subtotal: $26.00
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Making the Pencils

Cutting Graphite

Drying Graphite

Cutting Wood

Inserting Graphite

Cutting Pencils

Painting Pencils

Printing on Pencils

Adding Erasers

Sharpening Pencils


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