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Galvanized Garden Bed

Raised garden beds are deservedly popular for several reasons: they remove the need to bend over or kneel at ground level (a boon for those with back or joint issues); they allow us to bypass soil and ground issues; they are less prone to weeds; since you are starting with your own soil mixture you can optimize the soil to what you’re growing without excessive testing or correction. These are open bottom beds so there is an exchange of nutrients and water doesn't pool inside of them.

They have a neat, tidy, attractive look, and are often an excellent choice for urban or suburban locations. Our raised Garden Beds will last season after season. Four corner braces connect the four corrugated galvanized walls with all hardware included. The result is a strong, roomy galvanized metal frame for all your veggies, herbs, etc. that will hold up under all weather conditions, and unlike wood, will not need replacing every few years. We suggest after postioning them, tap the corners to set them in location. Weighs 9.15 lbs.

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  • Galvanized Garden Bed


    Galvanized Garden Bed

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