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Galvanized Metal Planter

This tough, rustic, trough-shaped planter has a classic vintage appearance and appealing shape, and will look great almost anywhere you put it, whether inside your home or out in your garden, porch or patio. Because it’s made from galvanized steel, it will last in all kinds of weather (and pests can’t chew through it!). Well-made and well-sealed, the lack of holes in the bottom means no worrying about water accidentally leaking onto your floors or table; for water drainage, just add a base layer of rocks or small debris to the curved bottom of the planter. The metal feet are sturdy, stable, and solidly fixed to the body. Best of all, unlike other planter materials like plastic, which wind up in landfills as they age and deteriorate, steel can be recycled and used to create new items, making this environmentally friendly as well.

Overall Dimensions

Material  Galvanized Steel
Width  6 3/8"
Length  15 5/8"
Height  6"
Weight  1.65 lbs

Individual Items

  • Galvanized Metal Planter


    Galvanized Metal Planter

    $35.00 $29.98

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