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Galvanized Steel Window Planter Large

Our galvanized steel Planter is available in two lengths – made from long-lasting galvanized steel which resists corrosion and ages beautifully. It has a traditionally rustic look that will be at home in all kinds of settings, whether outdoors or inside. Because these Planters have a solid bottom with no drainage holes, you’ll want to add a base layer of gravel or other drainage material (or drill holes underneath), depending on what plants you’re growing (or feel free to drill some holes in the bottom). The galvanized Planter box’s two sizes measure 23½” L x 6” W x 6” H, and 15½” L x 6” w x 6” H.


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  • Galvanized Steel Window Planter Large


    Galvanized Steel Window Planter Large

    $40.00 $29.98

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