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Galvanized Watering Can with Wooden Handle


Your grandparents probably had a durable, Wood-Handled Watering Can like this, and it’s comforting to know that this timeless design is still being produced. Constructed of hot-dipped galvanized steel, and then coated in zinc to make it water-tight and rust-resistant. Features two handles: a painted birch carry handle–that’s finished with gloss for to aid weather- and fade-resistance–and a steel watering handle. Recessed bottom, so it won’t rust sitting on the ground. Best for outdoor use. 10-½” high, 8-½” diameter, and approximately 15-½” from spout to handle. The rosette is permanently affixed and not designed to be removed. Holds 1.5 Gallons.


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  • Galvanized Watering Can with Wooden Handle


    Galvanized Watering Can with Wooden Handle

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