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Garden Bed Ridger for Quick Seed Prep


We’ve really been impressed by this tool's ability to work not just in well-tilled areas, but also in compacted soil.  Heavy-duty and affordable, it quickly and efficiently creates furrows and even irrigation ditches.  There’s no telling how much time this simple tool will save you—simply pull it along in a straight line, and the curved wedge "ears" neatly pushes the earth aside to create straight furrows, ready for seeds.  After planting flip the tool upside down (point skywards) push it away from you to tumble the ridges into the planted trough.  Made in Europe from powder-coated steel with an all-natural beech handle, it’s easy to maneuver and made to last. The handle is 44” long, and the Ridger blade measures 10” across at its widest point.

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  • Garden Bed Ridger for Quick Seed Prep


    Garden Bed Ridger for Quick Seed Prep

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