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Gardener's Harvesting Set

When it’s time to reap the fruits of your summer’s labors reach for our Gardener’s Harvesting Set. These three items are beautifully made, highly functional, and built to last. Our Forged Carbon Steel Hand Pruners have sharp blades, a great grip and weight, while the cutting action of the curved bypass blades slices easily and cleanly. The French Harvesting Knife has an elegant design and a wickedly sharp curved blade that will cut through the stems and leaves of whatever you’re cooking up for dinner (also great for deadheading). Carry your harvest inside with our galvanized Steel Trug (garden basket), made exclusively for us. It’s based on a Victorian English design and sits on the ground or slings over an arm as you work. At 18” L x 13” W x 10 ¼” H, it’s amply sized for gathering everything in one go. You’ll be ready for harvesting at a substantial savings.


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  • Harvesting Tool Set for Gardeners


    Gardener's Harvesting Set

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