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Garrett Wade No.7 Bench Plane

The #7 Bench Plane ( 22” L, with 2.5" W blade), has an extra-long base to better enable leveling of large areas, such as tables and doors. These castings are fully stress relieved, a process that removes inherent stresses and ensures that the tool will remain flat and true. This plane goes well with a #4 Smoothing Plane as well as a #5 Bench Plane, two models made for Garrett Wade inspired by the original Stanley designs that founder Garrett Wade Chinn worked with throughout his woodworking journey.

Product Specs/Dimensions

Overall Width 3" (Adjustable Blade 2.5")
Overall Length 14"
Overall Height 5.5"
Overall Weight 5.4 lbs.
Flatness Accuracy <100microns

Individual Items

  • No. 7 Bench Plane for Leveling Large Areas like Doors and Tables


    Garrett Wade No.7 Bench Plane


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