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Professional Grafting Tool

The classic way to improve your work as an arborist

An Italian company has designed and made this standard grafting tool that works very efficiently to cut and prepare the Scion (the shoot to be grafted) and the Understock (the piece the Scion is grafted to). Manually operated. 

The Standard Grafting tool is appropriate for stock up to 1/2" in diameter. This tool comes with a number of different sized cutters for different sizes of stock and all required functions to completely prepare the grafting surfaces. Instructions will be provided, and we will include for general reference an educational brochure published in Vermont titled Grafting Fruit Trees.

Additional tools recommended (whether you are an apprentice or experienced) are a Curved Grafting Knife, Special Grafting Wax, and a roll of 3/4" wide Special Paraffin Grafting Tape.


45T01.15 Grafting Tool

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  • Grafting Tool by Garrett Wade


    Professional Grafting Tool

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