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Garrett Wade’s Rocking Pizza Knife

The unique design of this French-made elegant crescent-shaped “Pizza Rocker” delivers a perfectly clean long straight cut across your fresh-from-the-oven pizza without ruining the cheese distribution! (It also excels as a general chopping knife for herbs, veggies and all manner of prep items.) The shape is similar to the Italian crescent blade called a mezzaluna (half-moon). Two comfortably shaped, double-riveted olivewood handles give you a broad, stable grip over the stainless-steel blade. This allows your hands to completely close around the handle for control and maximum downward pressure so you can cleanly cut a 14” pizza in one pass. A distinctive addition to your kitchen arsenal. Measures 17 ¼” L x 4” H. Any cook on your holiday shopping list will be delighted to receive one of these.


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  • Garrett Wade’s Rocking Pizza Knife


    Garrett Wade’s Rocking Pizza Knife


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