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European Made Mushroom Nutcracker

a storied piece of european folk art

Carved wooden nutcrackers date back to the 15th Century, and came into their own particularly in Central Europe. Many of these carved objects had whimsical forest themes and fantastical inspirations. This hand-painted nutcracker is based off a mushroom with a bright red cap that acts as a rotating screw to crack a nut placed in the opening. Even if you aren’t a fan of nuts, these fanciful little mushroom nutcrackers are great on their own, as decoration or good luck pieces.

Mushroom Nutcracker Specifications

This gorgeous beechwood Mushroom Nutcracker is palm sized, yet the 1-¾” wide nut opening is large enough to crack a walnut. It measures 4-½” tall x 2-½” wide. 

Garrett Wade has a long tradition of selling high-quality products that are durable enough to last for decades. Gift these nutcrackers down through the generations, so that even your great grandchildren can enjoy the artistry of these decorative and useful tools.  Sold as a single nutcracker.

Individual Items

  • European Made Mushroom Nutcracker


    European Made Mushroom Nutcracker


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