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Gerstner Collector's Oak Storage Chest

For your Shop, Home, or any Collections

Collector’s Oak Storage Chest:

Made by Gerstner & Sons, a Ohio company, highly respected manufacturer of classic machinist-style storage chests. Ideal for storing high-quality hand tools. This model is a high-capacity oak storage chest that is excellent for shop use. However, this chest is so handsome and modestly sized it can fit comfortably on any surface in your family room, home office or even the bedroom. Overall size 25¼ x 11¼ x 9". Made of Oak (except for the Pine drawer sides and laminate for the drawer bottoms), with traditional felt lining in all the drawers, and a lockable front cover that conveniently slides out of the way when the chest is opened.

The three drawers of the imported oak tool box are all sized 23½ x 8", are either 1½ or 2½" deep. When used personally, it can store wallets, multiple pairs of eyeglasses, notepads, rulers, passport, personal papers, pen & pencil trays, small laptop and so on – basically all the slightly “bulky stuff” that you need to run your life every day, and that you need to quickly and easy access to. Plus, it’s secure when you lock it up.

Oak Storage Chest Features

The oak storage chest is attractively designed with a full-surface felt tray on the top to “dump” stuff on. We liked it instinctively as soon as we saw it. A great idea and very handsome. Imported.

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  • Gerstner Collector's Oak Storage Chest


    Gerstner Collector's Oak Storage Chest

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A Tradition of Excellence since 1906

We’ve always taken great pride in working with small manufacturers and individual makers—true
craftspeople whose devotion to their trade is evident in the quality of their work. You’d recognize the traditional wooden tool chests made by H. Gerstner & Sons from a mile away, and we’re proud of our longstanding partnershipwith this century-old American success story.


"These items are passed from generation to generation, they are heirloom quality.” - Kim Brown (Gerstner)


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