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Gerstner Six-Drawer Chest + Garrett Wade Push Drill Set

This handy set includes our popular Gerstner Six-Drawer Chest and a Yankee Push Drill. The cabinet is made by a venerable Ohio company and features oak veneer, felt lined drawers, leather carry handle and chromed-steel hardware. The size (12" x 8" x 14" tall overall) is very useful for small items that you want to keep secure and organized. The lockable top opens, to give you an extra storage space in addition to the six drawers (four at 1¼" tall and two at 2¼" tall). Comes with two keys. (Imported.)

The classic Push Drill is as handy today as it was in the 1900's. A must for every shop and job site. Push down the handle and the bit rotates clockwise; when you stop, the handle springs up and the bit rotates counter-clockwise. Includes 8 different drill bits, that store in the top of the handle. Makes a hole up to 1-½" deep. Imported.

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  • Gerstner + Garrett Wade Push Drill Set

    96M01.50  - Available 09/27/2023

    Gerstner Six-Drawer Chest + Garrett Wade Push Drill Set

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