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Goblet Cleaning Brush

Some of our glassware is too fragile or precious to us to entrust to the dishwasher, but we still don’t want to wind up with spotty, dirty surfaces either. Instead, what is needed is a firm yet gentle touch that will remove dirt without doing any harm. Our Goblet Cleaning Brush uses a soft, high tensile foam head that will treat your delicate glassware with the care it deserves, without scratching or abrading. The special composition of the brush does not absorb water, so it maintains its size and shape instead of becoming heavy or expanding within your stemware. With its handsome wooden handle and hanging strap, there’s also no need to hide it away under your sink; keep it right at hand for your next dinner party or brunch. Very effective, very well made, and will last for years and years. Measures 10 ¼” L overall, with a 3 ½” head.


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  • Goblet Cleaning Brush


    Goblet Cleaning Brush

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