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Half Moon Shaped Chopping Knife Small

Invented by Silvio Pacitti in 1708 as an easier way to chop vegetables and herbs, mezzaluna knives remain a staple in kitchens across the world, and for good reason: they’re elegant, effective tools, and function incredibly well as a manual alternative to a food processor.  Compared to a standard chef’s knife, the Half Moon Chopping Knife utilizes much more downward force and rocking action to produce clean, precise cuts without the need to drag or pull the blade.  The positioning of the handles keeps your hands and fingers far from any cutting edges, making it one of the safest cutting tools in the kitchen as well as one of the most effective.  Made in Italy, ours are available in two sizes, the smaller measuring 5-5/8” across and the larger 10¼” (sold separately).  Both have natural beech handles.

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  • Half Moon Shaped Chopping Knife Small


    Half Moon Shaped Chopping Knife Small


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A Look Behind-the-Scenes at Our Maker

On a recent trip to Italy, we had the pleasure to visit a small family business northwest of Milan. The workshop is just a few miles from Lago d’ Orta, a picturesque medieval town in the Italian lake district. Simona and her brother Gregorio are the 2nd generation to run the business. Their father Claudio started the business with his brother in the early 1970’s after decades of training. They make exceptional quality products for the kitchen and produce some of our best-selling items.  Gregorio gave me a tour through the factory. He was animated and engaged and clearly knew the processes and machinery inside and out.

At Garrett Wade we travel the world to find makers that are committed to quality and craftsmanship. Folks who truly care what they're making & that it stands the test of time. We believe it’s important to know who’s making the tool you use, and they care about the details as much as you do. 


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