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Hand Brush for Grill Ash and Soot


If you use a charcoal, gas or wood burning grill, you know from experience that they have a tendency to rust out at the bottom.  The best way to extend the life of your grill is to clean out the ash and soot that accrue at the bottom after every use.  (Ash has a high carbon content, which makes metal rust faster).  Enter our tough German-made Hand Brush for Ash and Soot.  The soft, 2-¾” long coconut fibers will clear out your grill debris, fast so you can get a few more years out of your grill.  With a lovely beechwood handle, 17” long overall.  Works well also to clean off the bottom of your woodstove.  NOTE: Do not use this to scrub your grill top grease, best for softer debris.

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  • Hand Brush for Grill Ash and Soot


    Hand Brush for Grill Ash and Soot

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