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Hand-Crank Food Processor

Made In Italy

Our hand-crank food processor is a far quieter food prep option than the motorized version. It’s quick to pull out of the cabinet and clean up. Simply insert one of three cutting discs, place the food in the reservoir and in the back, and start cranking the handle. In no time, shredded, sliced, chipped, or julienned foods exit the front — no knives necessary! 

Hand Crank Specifications

The discs are #18/C stainless steel, and the body and crank are made of food-grade polymers that come apart quickly for thorough and easy cleaning. The bottom suction-cups securely lock in place with a lever lock.

The three discs have five shredding options. The discs have a simple lock-nut in the center and are easy to change. 

  • Use the single-sided, extra-fine disc for hard cheeses (like parmesan), nuts, spices and chocolate.
  • The two-sided medium disc shreds vegetables like carrots, zucchini and onions and just flip it over for more coarse grating of soft cheeses.
  • The third disc is also two-sided, and is great for carrots, cucumbers, or cutting things like yams or potato sticks. 

Not sure which disk to use? The Italian Hand Crank Food Processor comes with detailed suggestions.

This is an Italian-made kitchen product that’s meant to last for years. Give this amazing old-school kitchen implement a try, you’ll love it!

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  • Hand-Crank Food Processor


    Hand-Crank Food Processor

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