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Traditional Hand Drill and 50 Piece Bit Set

Set includes German Hand drill and 50 Piece Mini HSS Drill Set

The Hand Drill is a classic item that never goes out of style. Particularly for small, quick jobs, it’s great to have tools where you can simply begin the job, without having to charge up batteries, or find that pesky extension cord. This precision, steel Hand Drill is produced in Germany, with a 3-jaw single pinion, with wood handles and alloy driving wheel. It weighs 9-1/2 oz. and is only 9" long, with a 6mm chuck (bit shanks can be up to ¼”).

We’ve included our 50 piece HSS mini drill bit set. This is a set of the most common drill bit sizes, and provided multiple replacement copies of each, in case one breaks, goes dull or gets lost. This High Speed Steel (HSS) bit set includes 10 each of five (50 total bits), tool-steel mini-drill sizes: 1/16, 5/64, 3/32, 7/64 & 1/8". This kit is a great addition to your tool box.

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  • German made hand drill and 50 piece bit set


    Traditional Hand Drill and 50 Piece Bit Set

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