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Netherton Hand Spun Iron Casserole

This deep-bowled and gracefully curved casserole is an absolutely beautiful cooking implement, with a timeless look. It is equally at home in a farmhouse or modern kitchen. The quality is unmatched, it is sure to be coveted and handed down for generations. Made in the UK by a small foundry that is dedicated to keeping this traditional artisanal method alive. This is absolutely incredible cookware. Spun iron is a method in which a disc of iron is placed on a lathe-like machine and spun, while another tool forces it into shape. This process is capable of producing a vessel that is remarkably light for an iron pan, and shows a distinct subtle banding texture from the hand tools involved. This lidded casserole features wide flanges for easy gripping, a tight-fitting lid to retain heat and moisture, and holds approximately 4 quarts. Comes pre-seasoned with an application of flaxseed oil, which will bond with the metal over repeated high heatings, ensuring a thoroughly seasoned surface. Prior to use simply wash it hot water. Do not use soap or detergent. Immediately dry, ideally on a low heat on the stove or in a warm oven. It comes pre-seasoned but we suggest you give it an extra seasoned coating. 

The casserole can easily handle temperatures up to 840ºF. Measures 12” W at lip x 4 ¼” D (9” W at base).


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  • Hand Spun Iron Casserole Made In the UK


    Netherton Hand Spun Iron Casserole

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