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Handmade Ceramic Bread & Cake Baker

Handmade in Germany

The secret of our Bread & Cake Pan is twofold: first, the fluting around the outside gives you just the right amount of water for steaming during baking. It creates a heat dome for a perfect, crispy crust. Second, the proprietary unglazed, breathable ceramic material has been designed to distribute heat as evenly as possible without the risk of burning. You get genuine wood-fired stove results in your home oven. It is incredible! These ceramics are fully tested and food-safe and are chemically inert, meaning they will not react with any ingredients in your dough. They do not oxidize like iron or steel.

There is nothing to affect the flavor of your bread but the ingredients and the heat of your oven. And the radiant heat of the special ceramic pan leads to a gentler cooking process and more consistent results. Our baker is the same concept as a bread cloche without the need for a bulk lid. Measures 11 3/4" in diameter and makes an 8 -3/4" in diameter loaf. Includes detailed instructions and recipes for the best bread you have ever made.

Handmade in Germany.

Materials: Ceramic

Best Uses: Baking Breads and Cakes

Dimensions: 11.8W x 1.75"H

Individual Items

  • Handmade Ceramic Bread & Cake Baker


    Handmade Ceramic Bread & Cake Baker


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