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Handmade Earthenware Earwig Pot

Skip the chemicals and let nature balance your orchard. While earwigs are somewhat unpleasant looking insects they can serve a valuable purpose in our gardens and orchards since they prey on the aphids which, in turn, prey on our plants. This beautiful handmade terracotta pot gives you an intuitive, organic way to direct the earwigs’ natural instincts by providing a home for them in exactly the spot you want to eradicate other insects. Simply stuff the pot loosely with straw, invert it, and place it on a branch (or on top of a pole, or hang), as close to the plant you need to protect. Then step back and let nature do its thing–the opening of the straw-filled enclosure is small enough to hold the straw while allowing air and earwigs to circulate. It’s a great way to minimize the use of pesticides on your apple, pears, plum etc, and looks beautiful as well. Measures 3 ¾” W x 4 ½” H. Made in France.


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  • Handmade Earthenware Earwig Pot


    Handmade Earthenware Earwig Pot

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