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Handsome Shotgun Cleaning Kit

Professional Quality Kits in Brass and Rosewood

Finely built shotguns deserve a top-notch, finely-made Cleaning Kit. Our Kit is complete with a barrel cleaner, a short-handled tool to clean the cartridge chamber with three interchangeable heads (stored in leather box), a brass bore brush, a wool swab and a brass jag; plus, a brass cap to put over the brass brush so the bristles are protected and stay rigid. The wood parts are all made of rosewood, with brass bolsters. The barrel rod separates into three sections, that you simply screw and unscrew to its full length or to break down. Two identical Kits for the two most popular sizes – 12-gauge and 20-gauge.

Individual Items

  • 12 Gauge Pro Cleaning Kit

  • 20 Gauge Pro Cleaning Kit

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