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Harvest Gift Set

Build Your Own Set

Nothing is more rewarding than collecting the rewards from a well tended garden. To help with this task we have curated some of our best selling gardening tools that any gardener might enjoy. Create your own set today. 

Japanese Weeding Sickle has a 4" drop forged blade that is razor sharp. The twisted (not welded) shank, provides great strength and durability and the shape of the Sickle is very carefully designed to be comfortable and allow your arm motion to quickly scrape the dirt surface and remove shallow rooted weeds. This is a beautiful and highly functional gardening tool, and you'll use it all the time. Only 12" overall. An elegant tool.

Cut & Hold Flower Pruners feature a very clever and useful design that solves one of those common gardening problems–how to simultaneously cut and gather material when you only have one hand free. When you’re trimming flowers, reaching for fruit on a high up branch, or anywhere you need to reach a thorny rose, this side-by-side double-jawed tool is exceptionally helpful. One set of blades is used to cleanly cut, while the teeth of the adjacent set of jaws grips tight to hold the severed material until you can grab it. Use it for gathering delicate flowers for display or grabbing thorny clippings for disposal—you’ll quickly find them to be a must-have 0. Cuts live wood up to 15mm. The very sharp stainless-steel blades lock securely closed, and the plastic handles are sized and shaped for comfort.

The Medium Galvanized Basket has a comfortable European Beechwood handle and are constructed from two layers of steel wire. Wash off your freshly picked fruit and veggies in the basket itself and let the galvanization protect the metal and prevent rust from forming. Take them with you when you check on your gardening plot or use them to pick up produce at the farmer’s market! You can even use their minimalist beauty to add a hint of interest to your kitchen as you store fruit and other goodies on your countertop.

 Our Gardening Apron is comfortable and roomy, it will fit most body types. The green backing canvas is #10 Duck, which is military grade and water repellent. This combination of rugged green duck canvas and split suede will protect both you and your gardening gear, and the vat dye process used makes it extremely resistant to fading. Waist adjust from 35" to 48"

The Small Bypass Pruner is so unique and the cutters so close it's just like an extension of your forefinger. Every gardener should have one of these in his kit. Very highly recommended.

This Antiqued Copper Plated Watering Can is gorgeous to look at! The swooping handle provides pinpoint ergonomics for superb support and control, and the expert finish makes this look like a piece that’s been in the family for generations. (Of course, it will only look better with age.) Holds 4 quarts of water and measures 19” long x 11 ½” tall x 6” wide. Based on a classic French design, it includes a removable brass rosette diffuser.


Individual Items

  • Medium steel galvanized basket

  • Antiqued 4 Quart Copper Plated Watering Can

  • Cut & Hold Flower Pruners

  • Japanese Weeding Sickle

  • Small Bypass Pruner

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