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Headband Magnifier

Highly recommended headband-mounted magnifier

LED Headband Magnifier with 3 Sets of Lenses

For close work as an artist, modeler or craftsman, magnified inspection of a surface or small area is frequently critical. Hand-held glasses are awkward because they leave you with only one free hand. A hands-free, headband magnifier is usually the preferred solution, but there are an intimidating number of options to choose from. Out of the dozens of designs available, we recommend this hands-free magnifying glass as one of the very best.

First, the headband is comfortable to wear for extended periods (most are too stiff to fit well). Second, there is a triple LED on top (3 AAA batteries — not included). Third, there are three sets of fitted lenses: two are double lenses — one is fixed, and the other folds up and down before your eyes on an interior hinge — and the third lens is an outside rotating single eye loupe. The combinations of magnification (using the three) ranges from 1.8X to 4.8X, depending on which lenses you select.

Convenient Headband Magnifier

This is a handsome, helpful, and comfortable hands-free magnifying glass. We highly recommend it! Made in Taiwan to Garrett Wade’s exacting technical specifications.

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  • Headband Magnifier


    Headband Magnifier

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