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Heavy-Duty 4-in-1 Work Table

It’s a free-standing work table with a laminate surface and built-in measuring tools. It’s a heavy-duty plastic-top workstation that’s made to take a beating. It’s a rolling platform to work under the car or move heavy gear across the room. It has an angle gauge and 29” ruler (with metric). It’s got tool trays for stray bits. It’s got telescoping legs. It’s got everything but a cupholder! (Just kidding, it’s got one of those too!).

Portable workbenches are everywhere these days, and they come in all flavors. Most of them can honestly be outperformed by a big hunk of plywood on a couple sawhorses. This Combination Work Table, made from a German design, ups the game in a big way. Fully extended, it’s a 32” high portable workbench with a top measuring 38” x 18 ½. At 33.5 lbs., it’s fairly easy to lug around (by a convenient built-in handle) and robust enough to stand up to a hard day’s work, whether on the job site or in the yard. The reversible top flips over easily to provide varied work surfaces, and when it’s fully folded up, built-in casters convert it into a rolling platform that we may or may not have tried to use as a skateboard in the office. (We don’t officially endorse using it that way, but sometimes you have to make your own fun.)

This table does a ton of things and does them well. As a workbench for the weekend warrior or a secondary work surface in a more serious shop, it’ll serve the needs of just about anybody. Because of the weight of the table (33.5lbs) there is a ground shipping surcharge.

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  • Heavy-Duty 4-in-1 Work Table

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    Heavy-Duty 4-in-1 Work Table

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